free father’s day printable

Father’s Day is right around the corner-it’s this Sunday, June 18th! I shared this printable craft last year and yall absolutely loved it, so I updated it for this year!

This printable is easily customizable with your little’s handprint. Just download and print the below PDF, mentally prepare yourself for a bit of a mess, paint your kiddo’s hand, and voila! You’ve got a (free!) custom card or piece of artwork that your officer is sure to cherish. Make sure to use washable, nontoxic paint, and do this project outside with wet wipes nearby for easy clean up. Paint is usually on sale at Hobby Lobby, or you can grab it on Amazon here or here. There’s a plain version, as well as a version with a space at the bottom for your kiddo to write a note or sign their name, if they’re old enough. I also included a “mommy” printable, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our blue line heroes!

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