amazon gift guide {valentines edition}


Gun Cleaning Mat

My officer got something similar to this for Christmas, and he loves it! I love it because it means he no longer is taking our towels and getting them covered with gun oil and dirt. Win win!



My officer and I both wear our QALO rings on a daily basis. I think the QALO rings last a lot longer than some of the cheaper options-but either way, having a silicone option is a must in our household! I wear a plain white one and my office wears a plain black one, but there’s tons of fun options (including a thin blue line design).


Under Armour Shirt

Okay, so this isn’t the most romantic option but it sure is practical! My officer is always needing more black underclothes and more black socks.


5.11 Shirt

Another not so romantic option, but I know I’m always looking for shirts for my officer to wear! 5.11 is always a go to option, and I love that this is a little different than a normal tee. It’s also made of breathable fabric-and currently on sale for $15!



Our Yetis are the staple of our kitchen! We often use them for both hot coffee as well as cold drinks when the weather is warm. They’re pricey, but they last forever-we’ve had ours for years! You can also personalize them with a sticker like this one for a fun blue touch.



We love Black Rifle Coffee Co! It’s veteran owned and operated, and some of their coffees (like the thin blue line blend) donate money to first responder charities. I love the simple design of this hat and subtle logo. Add a pound of coffee with it and it’s the perfect gift!



If you’re looking for a pricier gift, these Oakleys are currently on sale and on 1 day shipping! If you’re not in a hurry (or you’re saving up for a future present) make sure to register your officer at Oakley Standard Issue-you need to be a government employee, veteran, or first responder to order, and they offer huge discounts!

sound machine

Sound Machine

If your officer is on graves (or has trouble sleeping, or you have loud kids, or basically any other thing ever) a sound machine is a must! This is the one we have-I love how small it is, so we can even pack it with us on trips.



If your officer is into patches (for their range bag, hat, backpack, etc) check out all of the options available! A lot of them come in cheap bundles, so you can gift several options for a super affordable price.

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