top 9 amazon prime day picks for blue families

Yall, I run on Jesus, coffee, and Amazon Prime. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not! You can find almost anything online these days, and 2 day Prime shipping just can’t be beat. And if we’re being honest, I don’t always want to run out to the store and chance running into one of my clients or someone my officer has arrested-another perk of couch shopping , right?! 😉

Here are just a few of my favorite Prime Day picks to make blue life a little bit easier. I picked only my top 9, and they’re all things that our blue family uses and loves-not random deals that are a good deal but not actually useful! Just like during Black Friday, here’s my reminder: you don’t NEED any of this! Don’t get sucked into the consumerism that runs rampant. Okay, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 🙂

And psst, if you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up here.

Airpods-both my officer and I have Airpods and we LOVE them. I’ll never go back to ear buds! Something I didn’t realize until I purchased mine was that you can make them “ring” if you lose one. So cool!

Garmin Instinct-this is the exact watch I bought my officer for our anniversary earlier this year, and he LOVES it! It stays charged for days and days, still gets texts and phone calls, has a stopwatch and GPS-it’s basically like a rugged apple watch. He wears his at work, hunting, and for daily life.

InstantPot Air Fryer Combo-we’ve had our InstantPot for a couple of years now, and I love it! I don’t use it as much as my CrockPot, but I love cooking chicken and hard boiled eggs in mine. Depending on the recipe it’s not as “instant” as it seems, but things can still take hours and hours less than a traditional oven or slow cooker. We do, however, use our air fryer all of the time, and this has both!

Arlo Camera-this is the security camera system that we have at our home, and I love it! The Arlos are super clear, rechargeable (or can be plugged in), can be talked through, and have a baby monitor and various other cameras that can be hooked up to the system. We got our system from Costco, then several of these add on cameras so that we have 360* coverage.

Wifi Smart Plugs-we originally got these a couple of years ago for our Christmas lights, but since have put them in almost every single one of our rooms. They’re awesome! They allow you to turn switches off and on from your phone, so you can adjust lights in bed, set lights to go on a schedule, and even make your house look “lived in” while gone on vacation. So simple, but so handy!

Oakleys-Oakleys and cops go together like…donuts and cops? My officer loves his Oakleys, but they are pricey. Anytime I can grab them on sale, I’m in! If you haven’t already, also make sure to check out the special account you can sign up with through Oakley as a first responder or military.

Almonds-okay, this seems random, but this is one of my favorite on the go snacks to have on hand for easy officer lunches, and these are almost half off! I love saving money on things we always buy.

Under Armour Under Shirt-this is another thing that we’re always buying, so to save money on it is awesome! My officer wears these (and the tank version) every day under his uniform. Right now they’re almost half off!

Roomba-we got our robot vacuum a few days after we got our German Shepard-I couldn’t keep up with the hair! It makes life so much easier. I still vacuum, but I love being able to run this daily to pick up little things and keep the fur at bay. This one is over $100 off right now!

**This is not a sponsored post-I love these items! The a+g blog may contain affiliate links. All items on Prime Day at time of post**

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