‘twas the week before christmas [a police family poem]

Happy holidays, thin blue line family! Can you believe that Christmas is a week from today?! As usual, time flies! Between the long shifts, worked holidays, loss, trauma, and general stress, Christmas can be a hard time for our first responder families. Please know that if you’re having a tough time this season, you’re not alone. Reach out to your loved ones and fellow blue families. Enjoy the time you have together. Make the most of the odd schedules and make new traditions. Remember the reason for the season. Know that myself and so many others are praying for you and your officer each and every day, and your service and sacrifice is noticed and appreciated.

In honor of it being Christmas week and in acknowledgment of the different dates blue families celebrate Christmas, I wrote this little “twas the night before Christmas” inspired poem below. I hope you love it and share it with your family (there’s a saveable/printable version below). Merry Christmas from my blue family to yours! 💙🎄

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the towns, police families were singing Christmas carols and listening to all of the sweet Christmas sounds.

Some families set out cookies for Santa a few days early and some a few days late, for they knew that celebrating Christmas together wasn’t about the date.

Police families know that Santa comes for them not just on Christmas Day, because he knows on the 25th their hero might be working away.

Their hero wears kevlar and a badge and works holidays and long nights, protecting and serving and making sure all is right.

For police families Christmas might look a little different than for others, because with their city they’re sharing their fathers and mothers.

But whatever day Christmas comes for their special police household, they know that time spent together is better than any present or gold.

So whether today or tomorrow or some other day, Merry Christmas police families, may you always celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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