10 things TO say to a first responder family

As thin line families we’ve all heard firsthand a lot of what NOT to say. You know…the “is your husband even real, he’s never here!” and the “has she ever shot someone before?” and my personal (least) favorite the “well that’s what they signed up for!”

Yep…there’s a lot of things to say to a first responder family that probably aren’t helpful. BUT there’s also a lot of things you can say that ARE helpful and supportive! I like to think that most people have good intentions but don’t quite know what to say, and sometimes their best wishes come out all wrong. Here are a few of my favorites of what TO say! Save this post for later or send it to someone who might need some ideas of how to support their favorite first responder family!

I shared these ideas as an Instagram post here. Find it and read the comments for more ideas from fellow first responder family members!

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