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You guys, I have some exciting news…my officer and I bought our first house! We’re super excited about this new chapter in our lives.

We’re also super excited about…the organization that helped make it happen! I’m talking about Honor the Brave.

I first heard about HTB when my sister in law (also a LEOW) tagged me in a podcast they were in (check it out here, it’s episode 8). Almost immediately after I saw that, I connected with Zanna, the cofounder (and fellow LEOW!) through the blogosphere.

Basically, HTB is a real estate agency specifically catering to first responder and military families. Awesome, right?! Zanna and Jeff, the founders, are a former law enforcement family and are using their blue ties and real estate knowledge to give back to first responder and military families. You can hear more about it directly from them here.

Our experience with HTB was nothing short of amazing. They connected us with a local real estate agent who we absolutely adore, and Zanna stayed in touch cheerleading us along the way. Not only is HTB an awesome resource, but they go above and beyond by GIVING you and your officer part of the real estate commission! 10% goes back to your family as a thank you for serving our communities or our country, and 5% gets donated to a first responder/military charity of your choice. They also gave us the coolest closing gift-a huge wooden thin blue line flag to hang in our new home!

I mean. How cool is that?! I’m so grateful we heard of Honor the Brave when we did, and were able to use them in purchasing our first home. It was also so comforting to have fellow blue family members surrounding us throughout the process-people who understand what LEO life is like, “get” the night shifts and long hours, and don’t blink an eye when your first plan for the new house is to get rid of that doggy door (safety, people!).

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, go check out their website or contact Zanna and Jeff for more information.

*This is not a sponsored post or an affiliate link-I just want to share how much we love Honor the Brave*

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  1. I’m am crying happy tears as I read this. Life has been such a crazy journey. We are so thankful that our vision of giving back is able to benefit amazing families like yours. The best part of what we get to do is meeting such special friends along the way. Cheers to new chapters!


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