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If you’ve been following along for awhile then you know my go to devotional is, by far, Jesus Calling. I love love love love Sarah Young and the devos she writes. After going through Jesus Calling a couple of times I bought the next devotional in her series, Jesus Always. And friends, it does not disappoint.

One of my favorite things about these devotionals is that they’re pretty short-just a small page each-but still push you to dive deeper into your journey with Christ. Each devo also has a few verses that go with it, which I always look up in the Bible app on my phone. I typically spend my quiet time each morning reading a devo, reading the corresponding verses, and journaling about it.

I have gone through each of these books at least twice-some of the months even more. And what I love is that each time I’m at a different season in my life, so I get different things out of them. I’ve never come to a devotional and thought “eh”. They’re always thought provoking and more often than not they’re relevant. Relevant in the way that stops you in your tracks like WOW Jesus, I can see you’re trying to tell me something here!

The other thing that keeps me coming back to these devotionals is how flexible they are. I mean that in the sense that some mornings when I am super rushed I will spend a mere five minutes reading the devo and verses and saying a quick prayer (I hate to admit this, but some mornings my quiet time is just quicker than others!). Other mornings I can spend a good half an hour or hour reading the devo, looking up verses, getting sucked in chapters, journaling, praying, and re-reading. I love that these devotionals allow me to spend as much time as I have on them and still carry me through my day.

Both Jesus Calling and Jesus Always are 365 day devotionals, meaning they have a devo for each day of the year. They’re available pretty much everywhere (I think I bought both of my copies off of Amazon) and small enough to throw into your tote or suitcase (I bring one with me when I travel as well).

Have you read these devos? Are you a fan? Let me know!


*This is not a sponsored post or affiliate links-I just want to share my love for this resource!*

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