speaking truths over our homes

Have you been following along with Allison from Wives on Duty lately? She had a nightly story time on her Facebook page (find it here) featuring her new book, Because I’m Suitable. I’ve absolutely loved this time as a community and the wisdom Allison speaks.

The other night we were talking about our homes being a “heavenly substation” for our officers and our families. We talked about speaking truths over our homes, and it served as a gentle reminder (more like a swift kick, actually) that I’ve strayed away from that lately.

When my officer was on nights I spoke truths over our home daily. Before bed, during my nighttime routine of checking locks, loading Glocks, and setting alarms, I would pray over our home and affirm the truths over our doors. But somehow, lately, I’ve strayed away from this.

Y’all, God’s word is POWERFUL. We have these truths for a reason. When we proclaim them over our lives and our homes, it MATTERS! Here are some that I use over our home:

“This home serves the Lord.” [Joshua 24:15]

“No weapon formed against us will prosper. This home is righteous.” [Isaiah 54:17]

“We are covered by His wings. We have refuge. He is our shield. He is faithful.” [Psalm 91:4]

“In this home we stand firm in our faith.” [Isaiah 7:0]

“This home is peaceful”. [Luke 10:5]

“The Lord has built this house. He watches over it and this city.” [Psalm 127:1]

“This home is righteous, and it will remain standing. It will flourish and not be destroyed. Its rooms are full of riches.” [Proverbs 12, 14, 24]

Do you proclaim God’s promises over your home? What are some of your favorites?

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