october app review {first 5}

Happy happy October, everyone! This month we’re doing a little something different-instead of reviewing a book, we’re sharing an app! I know, I know-definitely different, but it is a devotional app, so I thought that it was perfect timing to share! I’ve mentioned the First 5 App several times on this blog and in my Instagram stories, and a lot of you asked for more details. Here goes!

The First 5 App is by Proverbs 31 Ministries, an AMAZING resource of Bible studies and devotionals for women! If you haven’t checked out their website, it’s absolutely overflowing with amazing resources. I’ve loved all of their content for years, so when the First 5 App was released I was super pumped. First 5 is amazing because it makes daily devotionals easy. I’m not proud to admit it, but sometimes I find it hard to make time for my devos and Bible study time. Should these things come first? Absolutely. Do they always? Unfortunately, no. But with this app on the home page of my phone it gives me no excuse not to pop on each morning and lean in to the word.

Another thing I love about First 5 is how many plans they have. You can choose plans by the book, by topic, or hop around to the devos you’re interested in. There’s also a devotional of the day that pops up on the home page when you first open the app. I personally have really enjoyed the book specific plans. I recently completed one on Genesis, and going through it chapter by chapter opened my eyes to things I’ve missed or hadn’t thought of before.

The First 5 app is free and downloadable on phones or tablets-I use both! It allows you to make notes, read verses,  and even form study groups with other users! I love the idea of making it easy for everyone to devote their first 5 minutes of the day to leaning into Jesus.

Do you use this app? What do you think?

**This is not a sponsored post-I love this app!**

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