thank a police officer day {easy + fun last minute ideas}

Thank a Police Officer day is just a few days away! TAPO Day (is that even the correct acronym? Let’s just agree to make it a thing) is observed on the 3rd Saturday in September, which falls on 9/21/19 this year. This isn’t to be confused with Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which is in January, or Peace Officer Memorial Day, which is in May.

Whew-I have a hard time remembering all of those dates, and an even harder time coming up with something meaningful to do! There’s a lot of great lists out there with fun ideas (check out Proud Police Wife’s here and My New Kentucky Home’s here). I’m more of a “oops, that’s this week?!” type of person, so the below list contains a few quick and easy ways to celebrate TAPO Day.

Say “thank you” to the LEOs you see. I mean…it seems obvious, right? But so often our heroes don’t get the appreciation that they deserve. Sometimes just a warm smile and simple “we see you” is all it takes to make their day.

Make a fun treat to bring to your officer’s department! As a healthier alternative I love these no bake energy bites from Proud Police Wife or these muffins with a cute thank you tag from Craftibilities.


For a sweeter treat, try something like these thin blue line brownie sandwiches-so easy and so yummy!


If you’re looking for a small gift to give to your officer, a few of my favorites (that are all Amazon Prime-cheers to waiting until the last minute!) are these all weather notebooks, Behind the Badge law enforcement devotional, and this thin blue line popsocket.

blue family definition

Another fun idea is to get some printables and hand them out to officers or stick them on the patrol cars you see. You can find some of my printables here-or play around and make some of your own! You can frame them or turn them into cards/notes.

Even though there’s a million and one cute and Pinterest worthy crafts and gifts out there, don’t forget that the best way to thank our blue family is to support them. Be there for your officer, stand behind their department, and never stop praying for our officers everywhere.