thin blue line brownie sandwiches

Confession time: I have a sweet tooth. Like, a big one. I also enjoy cooking and baking…sometimes. I typically send a plate of whatever treat I’ve made with my officer to the station…because if not, I’m totally going to eat them all!

A lot of the times I make basic cookies or bars, but today I thought it’d be fun to make them a little bit more “blue”!

These look me around an hour and a half to complete, including resting and baking and cooling time (during which I watched a lot of Netflix, oops), and are so simple and yummy!

The best part is you only need a few ingredients, because we cheat and use brownie mix! I also saw this bagged frosting at Target and was like YES PLEASE to less mess! You could also use homemade frosting, cans of frosting, different flavors of frosting-you choose!

After mixing the batter and letting it sit (see below directions) I scooped it out onto cookie sheets. The batter is sticky and thick, so I used my fingers to shape them into rounds. Is that would famous chefs do? Probably not. Did it work? Absolutely.

After they’re finished baking, the “cookies” come out looking like this. Let them cool fully, so the frosting doesn’t melt all over the place. Trust me…you’ll want to let them cool 🤦🏼‍♀️ #liveandlearn

Swirl some frosting on the backside (the flat part) of one of the cookies, then sandwich another one on top. I wasn’t the best at making identical cookies, so I just paired them up according to which ones looked like a good match. In case you’re sending a theme here-you’re right, I’m no pro baker 😉

The sandwiches will look something like this after they’ve been frosted and paired up.

Then, put some sprinkles on a plate and roll ’em around! And yes-your fingers might turn a light shade of blue 🤷🏼‍♀️

And there you have it-an easy and tasty LEO themed treat! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you whip these up-unless you gobble them up before taking a photo 😋

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