law enforcement appreciation day {a simple printable prayer}

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD) is right around the corner! If you’re thinking “wait…we just had that” I’m with you! But then I realized I was thinking of Thank a Police Officer Day, which is in the end of September. I wrote a post with a few simple ideas that would also be applicable for LEAD (which is January 9) that you can find here.

This time of year always seems like a busy season-we’re wrapping up the holidays, beginning a new year (in this case a whole new decade!), getting back into the swing of work or school, and starting fresh goals. One of my goals (resolutions, if you will) is to not sweat the small stuff quite as much. I can make myself crazy trying to keep up with every holiday and blog post and creative idea-but that can be exhausting, discouraging, and no way to live! I decided this year for LEAD I was just going to make a simple printable to put with some treats and send it into my officer’s department.

I’m always baking sweets and treats for his squad (I’m a stress baker, and if I leave it in the house I’ll eat it all so I send it to the station with him 😉) so I’ll probably make a batch of bookies or bars to send in with him that night.

If you don’t know your department well or want to thank officers you don’t know, I would suggest packaged snacks and treats, as often LEOs won’t accept food from strangers (can you blame them?). If you’re going that route, some good ideas are: granola bars, Gatorades, energy drinks, trail mix, or even a candy bar.

Attach the treat to one of the below printables, and you’re good to go! There’s a version for treat, snack, and gift-depending on what you’re attaching it to!

Remember, the best way to appreciate our law enforcement and all they do for us doesn’t have to be with complicated crafts or expensive gifts-it’s saying “thank you” and keeping them in your prayers.

“Snack” option printable here.

“Treat” option printable here.

“Gift” option printable here.

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