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Our family was never that security conscious until my officer became, well, an officer. At around the same time he was sworn in I became a social worker, and between the two of our jobs working with the public and our relatively small to midsize city, we quickly realized we wanted to keep our private home life just that-private.

If you search yourself or your officer online you’ll probably be astounded by what pops up. Full name, birthday, home address, past jobs, credit lines…the list can go on and on. This past year has only highlighted the dangers of being a police family, so we decided it was time to really commit to our privacy. Enter: Officer Privacy!

Pete, the owner of Officer Privacy, is a retired LEO and his entire team is comprised of fellow officers. I know that for us there’s something comforting about blue family taking care of their own.

Now, full disclaimer: you CAN do this by yourself! But it will take a bit of time, knowledge of where to look, patience as you email and delete and wait, and constant monitoring to make sure that the info doesn’t leak back out into cyber space. Our family doesn’t have a lot of free time, and the little time we do get we’d like to spend together, so we decided to go with the easier and simpler option and let Pete and his team work their magic. When we got our report back, I was sick to my stomach to see how many major sites we had been removed from-and that’s after years of trying to be as careful as possible! My officer’s information was removed from places like WhitePages, BeenVerified, and SpyDialer.

Along with Officer Privacy we’ve made some small but important choices to protect our family. We don’t use last names on social media (and you’ve probably noticed that I blog here without my last name), we have a PO box, we use Duck Duck Go instead of Google, we use Privacy cards for some purchases, reference this privacy book, and we’re careful about what we post on social media. All of these small choices, along with Officer Privacy’s services, have made us feel a lot safer in this current negative climate.

For more information about Officer Privacy, reach out to Pete here. His team is quick to respond with any questions, and even quicker to get started on taking back your privacy from the Internet.

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