a powerful prayer for your officer

Each night as I send my officer off to work, I pray something very similar to this. I pray for his safety, of course, but also for wisdom and discernment-that he will be able to make the right hard choices during his shift. I pray for covering of not only his physical safety but also his mind and his heart-we know all too well the mental and emotional toll that this job puts on our loved ones. I pray for protection from both worldly and spiritually evils-for the ammunition that the world shoots at him, but also the the unseen battles that rage against him. At the end of each prayer, I always ask God to bring my officer home to me.

There are so many different ways we can pray for our officers, and our prayers probably look different depending on our seasons of life and what specific needs our officers have. Feel free to use the below prayers as a template or starting place for yours-personalize it with their name and pronouns, and tailor it to your family’s needs and requests.

Prayer is powerful, blue family. Whether it is shouted from the rooftops, whispered in the darkness of night, or cried out from your knees-He hears.

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