police week 2022

Peace Officer’s Memorial Day (and the following Police Week) is coming up quickly-this coming Sunday, May 15! The week that follows POMD is technically Police Week; however, in-person events in DC begin today. If you’re in the area, you can find more information and the schedule of events here.

If you’re not familiar with Peace Officer’s Memorial Day, it was created in 1962 by JFK as a way to remember and honor the officers who we lose in the line of duty. The names of the officers whose lives were lost are added to the national memorial, and candlelight vigils and many other events are held in the DC area. This is a time to gather together to honor the courageous men and women who have given their lives, and help support and love on their families. This is not to be confused with Thank a Police Officer Day or Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Those days are meant to show support to our law enforcement; this day and week are to remember and honor our fallen. Some people like to also give small gifts and notes to police departments, but the heart of Police Week is remembering our fallen.

Today and every day, this week and every week, we honor and remember the officers who gave their lives for their communities in the line of duty. We pray for their families and departments, and vow to never forget their sacrifice.

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