diy toaster waffles

At first I titled this “homemade toaster waffles” but that seemed a little far fetched, as these clearly are made from a mix. HOWEVER. They are definitely “DIY” and save our blue family a sizable amount of money each month!

One my officer’s favorite breakfasts are Kodiak Cakes. They’re delicious, full of protein, and help keep him full until lunch (or whenever his first chance to grab a bite during shift is). We love the Kodiak Cakes from the freezer section for their convenience but the cost quickly adds up at about $4-$5 per box each week. However, our Costco sells a large box of mix for about $10-$12 that lasts at least a month or two.

Enter: the tiny toaster waffle iron from Amazon. That isn’t really the name (find the iron here) but that’s what I call it. Essentially it’s a miniature waffle iron that produces perfect toaster waffle-sized items in just a couple of minutes. Better yet-it’s a mere $10 on Amazon (AND it’s Prime!) #whatmorecouldyouwant

I whip up a double or triple batch of Kodiak waffles and run them through the iron, slide them in a ziplock baggie or Tupperware, stick them in the freezer, and BOOM weeks worth of healthy toaster waffles for mere dollars!

This platter was made from a triple batch (3 cups of Kodiak cake mix) and took me maybe a half an hour from start to finish. It gave me 16 waffles to stick in the freezer, and the tiny waffle iron will live in the drawer until we need it next in a couple of weeks! Not pictured: the waffles I ate for dinner while cooking them up 😉

To make, all I do is prepare the Kodiak waffles according to the instructions on the box, then add 2-3 tablespoons of prepared mix to the iron and cook for 2-3 minutes, greasing the iron everything few waffles with nonstick spray. Once all of the waffles are made and cooled, I put them in ziplock bags or a airtight container and stick them into the freezer. To heat them in the morning, simply add to a toaster like you would any store-bought toaster waffle! #easypeasylemonsqueezy

Do y’all have breakfast hacks for your busy family? Share them in the comments below!

**this is not a sponsored post-we just love Kodiak Cakes! this post does contain an affiliate link **

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