thank a police officer day 2020-easy ideas + free printables

Thank a Police Officer Day is always the 3rd Saturday in September. This year, that falls on the 19th! 2020 has been a YEAR to say the least. Phew. Part of me can’t believe it’s already September, and part of me feels like it should be AT LEAST 2023 😉

Now more than ever it’s important to show our officers and first responders our support! This can be as simple as a smile and “thank you” at a passing officer, bringing in some snacks or treats to your department, or gifting the special officers in your life a little something.

I’m a stress baker (and boy has 2020 given me some things to stress about!) so I often bake small treats for my officer to take in for his squad. You can find my easy thin blue line brownie recipe here. Because of Covid, some departments aren’t allowing homemade items-if so, some great packaged ideas are granola bars, sports drinks, trail mix, small bags of chips, or even candy bars. The prepackaged route is also the safest to go if you’re blessing strangers-for safety reasons, most officers I know are very careful about what they accept, especially if it’s not in a package. If you’re looking for a small gift for your officer, you can find some of my favorite Amazon finds here.

To be honest with yall, I love scouring Pinterest for the cutest crafts and gift ideas-but typically end up forgetting and/or running out of time before I create an intricate and detailed project. I made these free printables as a quick addition to tie onto a snack, treat, or gift-perfect for the busy LEOW or easy enough to put together at the last minute. Simply download the below PDF, print, and attach to whatever you have! There’s also a prayer version. Remember, it’s not the actual gift that matters-it’s the thought behind it.

This TAPO Day (and every day!) join me in praying for officers and expressing our gratitude for the thankless job that they preform every day.

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