speaking truths over our officers

Last week we talked about the importance of proclaiming truth over our homes. God’s word is powerful! It has meaning.

We also can proclaim truths over our officers. I have always prayed for my officer (even when we were kids), but since he has become a part of this blue life my prayers have shifted to ones full of safety and protection. I know that this is the first thing all of us police spouses think of as we kiss our officers goodbye-that we just want them to come home. Praying for arms of safety around our officer is so important! However, it’s also important to pray over him discernment, love, and humility. Here are some verses I speak over my officer:

“My officer is a peacemaker. He is a child of God.” [Matthew 5:9]

“My officer does not fear, because God is with him. My officer is not discouraged, because God strengthens him. He is held up by the Lord’s righteous, victorious hand.” [Isaiah 41:10]

“My officer is strong and courageous. He is not afraid. He is not discouraged. The Lord is always with him.” [Joshua 1:9]

“My officer has a heart of discernment. He is able to tell right from wrong. He can govern.” [1 Kings 3:9]

“My officer stands firm. Nothing can move him. He works for the Lord, with his full heart, and his work is never in vain.” [1 Corinthians 15:58]

“The Lord has trained my officer’s hands for war, and his fingers for battle. He is prepared.” [Psalm 144:1]

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