no longer two but one

Matthew 19:6 says “Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.”

Mark 10:9
Ecclesiastes 4:9

My officer and I just got back from a fun weekend away at the shore, and I’m glowing with happiness after all of that extra time together. It was a great couple of days together, reconnecting and enjoying being US.

And it got me thinking…how often do we forget about us, and thinking about “me”? How many times a day do we use the word “I”? I want this, I need that, I think we should…the list could go on and on. We were created with our own opinions and ideas and emotions and that’s a pretty special thing. But when we entered into marriage we lost a lot of the “me” and became a “we”…well, at least that’s what we like to say.

God never tells us that marriage is easy, but He does tell us that it is sacred and special and there’s nothing else comparable. In Ecclesiastes 4:9 we are told that two is better than one. That we have another to pick us up when we’re down, and keep us warm, and help defend us.

Isn’t that the type of marriage we all want? But life is hard, and blue life brings additional challenges to our marriages. How often do you feel personally hurt because your officer missed a holiday, or a family birthday? How many times have you scraped off their uneaten dinner plate in annoyance because they were still at work even though they were supposed to be home two and a half hours ago? It can be frustrating, and hurtful, and disappointing. But we can’t let these little things build up into big things, and we can’t let anything separate what God has joined together-especially not this job. You are ONE team, not two people, and a joined team is always, always stronger than one person.

Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of my spouse. Thank you for joining us together and allowing us to do life together. You handpicked my spouse for me long before I met them; you made someone perfect for me and the advancement of Your kingdom. Oh, Lord, how I praise You for this. I pray that you will continue to bless our marriage and remind us to protect this precious covenant with all that we have, for together we can serve You far better than either of us could alone.

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