be still + know


Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”

Psalm 37:7 says “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”


The other day I went for a walk with the dog, just as I do every single morning. We started out down the sidewalk in our neighborhood, and as I went to press play my AirPods wouldn’t connect. On a whim I decided not to mess with them at that moment and continued down the street in silence, listening to the rustle of the wind and the birds beginning to wake up. I breathed in the fresh morning air and smiled at the taps our pup’s paws were making on the pavement. And I felt God’s presence so confidently and comfortably.

Be still and know.

Usually I’m always listening to something. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes a podcast, sometimes an audiobook, or maybe I’m talking on the phone. Whether I’m walking or in the car, or at home and Netflix is playing in the background, there’s usually always something playing or something going on that’s competing for my attention. That morning, on my electronicless and noiseless walk, I felt so strongly to make an effort to spend more time in (near) silence. In being still.

Our world is so busy. Our lives are so busy. Our officers are so busy. And with that business comes a lot of noise. Sometimes, that noise (even good noise, like worship music or a sermon) makes it hard for us to hear God’s voice.

Be still and know.


Lord, thank you for making Your presence be known. Thank you for meeting me where I’m at. Thank you for opening my eyes and my ears to Your wonderful creation, and reminding me to unplug and be still every once in awhile. Help me carve out little snippets of time for that this week.

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