october book review { the peacemaker’s wife}

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of messages from LEOWs asking about a journal or resource to help combat the loneliness and general hardships of blue life. I thought it would be perfect timing, then, to share The Peacemaker’s Wife: A Journal for Reflection & Encouragement in Your Life as a Police Wife by Rebecca  from over at Proud Police Wife!

I’m a big writer and reader-I always have been. You might be saying “well duh, you literally just wrote a book” and well, you’d be right. BUT this specific journal is totally designed for those who aren’t natural journalers or writers-it walks you through each page with a specific prompt that allows you the space to put your thoughts on paper and organize all of the emotions floating around inside of you.

Rebecca organizes this journal into five main categories of prompts: refuel, re-energize, restore, refocus, and remember. For me, the “refuel” ones resonate the most, but all of them have specific purposes and are a great way to dig deeper, even if that’s not something that usually comes easily for you. For example, one day asks “what is the best memory you have of you and your officer because of the job?” I love that! So often we focus on the negatives that blue life brings, instead of the positives. The pages are also embedded with motivating quotes and affirmations.

Does this sound like something that would help you navigate this crazy journey that blue life is? You can find The Peacemaker’s Wife on Amazon here.


**This is not a sponsored post-I love this book! The a+g blog may contain affiliate links.**

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