taking care of yourself in trying times

Phew…we made it to Saturday. Does anyone else feel like they’re doing everything they can just to get through each day? This season has been a dark one for our blue family, and honestly, it doesn’t seem to be lightening up anytime soon. There’s been days that I’ve felt plain overwhelmed, exhausted, devastated, discouraged…but I KNOW that God is good and His love and plan will prevail.

In times like these it’s extra important to take some extra time to take care of ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you focus so much on taking care of your officer and your family right now that taking care of yourself is coming last. I’ve had to be super cognizant lately about taking breaks and practicing the ever elusive self care we always preach. As a social worker I learned a lot about self care in grad school, and talk about it all the time with my clients-but struggle really putting it into practice for myself. The other week I made myself a weekly self care schedule so that I can treat it as an important item on my to do list-and it’s really helped!

Most people divide the concept of self care into self care categories, and the ones that make the most sense to me are: physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional. These can be super simple things-drinking enough water, listening to your favorite song, reading your favorite bible verse, and turning off your work phone for an evening-that make a big difference. If you’re a stay at home mama you can still use the “professional” category-just make it something that makes sense to your role at home!

Police wives are strong because we have to be, but that doesn’t mean that we should be putting ourselves last. This week I challenge you to prioritize some things that make you feel better and help yourself cope with the chaos surrounding us.

“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in you?”
[1 Corinthians 3:16]

Find this printable with self care ideas here.

Find this printable self care schedule here.

2 thoughts on “taking care of yourself in trying times

  1. I am a mother of Bothell Police Officer. My son lost his friend and fellow officer last night. I’m so beyond sad. These beautiful young men and women. Dear Lord, hears our prayers.

  2. Love your printables! My husband is not a police officer (he’s in the medical field), but I have a lot of respect for the police, especially all they’ve endured this year. I pray for their safety. God bless!

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