i believe in the good

I would say Happy Sunday, but it doesn’t feel too happy, does it? I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been struggling lately. There’s so much darkness out there right now, and so much division-but that is not what this post is about.

I’ve seen a lot of posts comparing our black community and our blue community by stating that one didn’t choose their skin color, and one made the choice to join their profession. I agree. I don’t want to argue about this and I don’t want to diminish the pain that so many people are feeling now and have felt for centuries-that’s not what this post is for. I want to talk about the choice that thousands of men and women have made all across our country to become police officers.

Because isn’t that the heart of it? Our officers CHOOSE to put on their uniform and show up each shift. They choose to pin on their badge, knowing that it could be a target. They choose to don their Kevlar vests, knowing that they are just material and can’t protect them against everything. They choose to kiss their families goodbye and head out their front door, knowing there is a chance they may never walk back through it. They choose to be the thin blue line between order and chaos. They choose, over and over again, to uphold their oath to PROTECT and SERVE.

I believe wholeheartedly that 99% of officers are good people. I believe that they came into this profession because they felt called to do so. I believe that they want to protect vulnerable people. I believe that they want to serve their communities. I believe that they want to restore peace whenever possible. I believe that they extend kindness and compassion whenever they can. I believe that they would willingly lay down their life for another-even if that person would not do the same for them. I believe that they condemn the officers who bring shame upon the badge. I believe that they, too, are heartbroken and angered by injustice.

I choose to believe, in the midst of this chaos and our terribly broken world, that most people are good. I believe in a God that is powerful and loving and so, so big.

And I believe in the blue 💙

2 thoughts on “i believe in the good

  1. I completely agree. My husband dons his gun and badge everyday for the good of the community and our family. He answered a call from God to be a peacemaker. I pray for his brothers and sisters in blue every day of my life! Thank you for pointing out the good men and women who are good people!

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