amazon prime day-9 things we actually use in our blue family

I’m embarrassed to admit how much our family uses Prime-it’s just so convenient! With the pandemic and quarantine we began ordering even more-and to be honest, we’ve always loved an excuse to stay home and not risk running the risk of bumping into someone my officer had arrested at the store 😉

I love a good sale as much as the best person, but here’s my reminder that it’s not a good deal if you don’t need it. It’s always better to save/budget/shop small-but if you’re actually in the market for a few things, here’s a few of my top Prime Day picks. These are all things we actually own and love, not just random deals.

Garmin Instinct-this is the watch that my officer has and loves (except solar, which seems even more practical!) I bought him this watch for our anniversary one year and he loves it. The charge lasts an insane amount of time-like over a week!-and he gets calls and texts on it like my Apple Watch does. It’s super rugged and holds up during his shifts, as well as hiking and hunting.

Eufy-this is the exact robot vacuum we have and we are obsessed with it! It helps keep the German Shepard hair at bay (IYKYK) and we love that we can control it through the app. You can block off areas of the house (like where there’s toys or cords), and it both vacuums AND mops.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker-we have a slightly different model that I bought as a gift to my officer years ago, and it remains one of his favorite gifts! We bring it outside with us, to the garage, camping-anywhere we want loud, crisp sound. Bose are pricey and last forever, so a deal like this is a good one!

Black Rifle Coffee Company-we looooove this coffee! BRCC is always on my gift guides and is a veteran run, first responder friendly company. I was super pumped to see so many of their products in Prime Day!

Fuji Instamax-we have this camera to go along with our date book (highly recommend getting it for easy ideas on how to date your spouse!!) and love it! The film is a little pricey, but it’s so fun to print out and attach to whatever you’re doing. These cameras are great for parties and baby/bridal showers, family fun nights, and capturing memories you want to print out instead of keep on your phone forever.

Under Armour Compression Shirt-it seems like my officer is always needing more undershirts and black socks, so anytime I can find them on sale, it’s a win! UA products seems to last longer than other brands, and with the hot summer heat we’ve been dealing with, moisture wicking is a must.

Arlo Camera System-this is the camera system we have at our home. We love the clear picture and easy use, and the fact that you can use them wire free or plug them in. We upgraded from our old Arlos earlier this year, and are so impressed by the better picture! These are a must for me while my officer works graves.

Bluetooth Headband-okay, this thing looks bananas but it’s so practical! My officer likes falling asleep to music, but is always losing an AirPod in the bed or simply uncomfortable with it jammed into his pillow. We each have one of these headbands, and they’re awesome! They’re way softer than laying on regular headphones and sync up to your phone or whatever you’re listening to super easily.

Black Socks-okay, would any list be complete without the obligatory black socks?! Just like I’d undershirts, my officer is always needing more socks for work. Typically we buy them at Costco, but these are a good deal today! I usually try to get “moisture control” or “wicking” stuff if possible-this 100* weather ain’t no joke!

**This is not a sponsored post-I love these items! The a+g blog may contain affiliate links. All items on Prime Day at time of post**

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