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Happy August! It seems like summer JUST started and now we’re already in August! Anyone else wondering where time has gone?!

For this month’s book review we’re sharing Christy Decker’s Final 42. When Christy (a fellow police wife) reached out and asked if I would be interested in reading her new novel, I was instantly intrigued. I typically review a lot of devotionals or nonfiction books, so this was a great change of pace.

The moment I started this book I was absolutely gripped and couldn’t put it down-I finished it in one morning, only leaving the couch to refill my coffee mug! Seriously, you guys-this book is so detailed and sucks you in! It’s obvious from the first sentence that Christy is a LEOW and is writing from experience. This book begins at an officer’s funeral, and then shifts to six months prior. You’re taken along into the lives of a Texas PD’s shift and their families. Throughout the chapters you start to forget that one of them will be killed in the line of duty, and it’s not until the last chapters that you find out which family loses their officer. The grief displayed by the family and department is so real and touching.

This book had me crying and laughing and nodding along. It’s a great representation of blue life and written both eloquently and rawly. It’s definitely not a light read, but it’s a must for any police wife!

Find Final 42 on Amazon here.

**This is not a sponsored post-I love this book! The a+g blog may contain affiliate links.**

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