march book review {seamless}

It’s March! Holy moly! As usual, time flies. Today’s book review is one I’ve shared about briefly in my Instagram stories-but I want to share it with yall here, too!

Seamless is set up to be a group bible study, but I completed it by myself and still felt like I got a lot out of it. The author Angie Smith writes in a relatable and fun way-she makes the entire bible come alive AND make sense as one continuous story. As someone who didn’t grow up in the church, I’ve always felt “behind” when it comes to biblical knowledge and understanding the stories and people. This study does an amazing job of teaching the bible in a way that is interesting and captivating-I often completed more than one “day” at a time because I was so enamored with what I was learning.

My personal stance on my faith is definitely relationship>religion. That being said, I’ve realized that as my knowledge has grown, my faith has deepened immensely. My mornings spent with this study do not feel like school-the book reads like a knowledge enriching conversation with a good girlfriend!

Seamless comes in two different forms-the “regular” version here and student version here. Both can be used in a group or individual format and utilize online videos to enhance what you’re learning, if you wish to watch them.

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