choosing light in our blue life

Did you catch our FB live with Zanna from Honor the Brave this Wednesday? I got to chat with her about a+g, our experience buying a home with HTB, and the crazy life that is #policewifelife! You can view it here.

During our chat Zanna asked me what advice I would give to a brand new police couple. A lot of things come to mind-like the need to be flexible, separating the frustration of the job from your officer himself, and turning to God instead of letting worry overtake your heart.

But one of the most important things i wanted to share is the importance of laughter. Of fun. Of light. Our officers face darkness every single day they go to work. They are surrounded by things that we as humans shouldn’t have to witness-and especially not daily. But our officers walk in that darkness each time they put on their uniform, and so it’s even more important that we fill our homes and our marriages with light. This hits especially close to home this week as we grapple with the loss of a deputy in our home state from a department just down the road. It’s so easy to be overcome with the sadness and drown in the devastation that this line of work often brings.

And so I say to you…be silly. Laugh together. Go on dates. Joke around. My officer and I go out of our way to giggle together and make dumb jokes because it makes a difference. By intentionally fighting back against the darkness of the job we can overpower that with laughter and light. Every day is not easy and some weeks are harder than others, but when we make the choice to seek happiness and light we feel the difference in our home and in our family.

One of our favorite ways to spend a few minutes at home is the app “Heads Up”. It’s a mix of charades and 21 questions-there’s a million different categories, and my officer and I love to spend some time on the couch giving each other hints and clues. There’s even a song deck that makes you sing and hum lyrics-and it gets us rolling with laughter each time. We also love to share funny memes or videos we find throughout our day and share them during breakfast or in bed (depending on what shift he’s working, of course). I also love some good old fashioned kitchen dancing-there’s nothing better than cranking some tunes and dancing around the kitchen while dinner is cooking.

Whatever happiness you add to your marriage, know that it makes a difference. Our world is broken and blue life can be filled with deafening darkness-make it a priority to fight back and spread light 💙

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” [John 1:5]

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