easy homemade {thin blue line} brownies

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but personally I don’t need that excuse to whip up a batch of these simple and delicious brownies! They’re almost as easy as boxed brownie mix and SO much better!

My officer loves chocolate chips in his brownies, so these have lots of those! I found through trial and error that letting the batter cool just a few moments before adding the chips helps them stay firm and not melt into the batter. You can use any combination of chocolate depending on your preference-milk chocolate, semisweet, dark, or even butterscotch!

The thin blue line is a ridiculously easy and super cute way to make these a little more blue friendly. I just use normal decorating icing with a plain tip. You could use any kind you wanted, or even add sprinkles if you’re getting fancy!

One batch makes about 9-12 brownies, depending on how big or small you cut them. The perfect treat to drop off to your officer’s squad for Valentine’s Day-or to enjoy right out of the pan 😋

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