gratitude + the abundance mindset

Yall know I’m a big believer in gratitude and how it can change our lives. I talked here about how our family uses a gratitude list on the fridge to remember what we love about each other, and I have a space in my planner to list out the things i’m thankful for each week. I even talked about the attitude of gratitude on The Waiting Warriors podcast almost two years ago (you can listen to that episode here)!

To me, the attitude of gratitude closely relates to the abundance mindset. This term was originally coined in “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen Covey, and you’ve probably seen versions of it floating around social media and Pinterest. Personally, the abundance mindset has been vital in shaping how I view social media and blogging. I’ve shared before how easy it can be for me to slip into the black hole of comparison, and leave my Instagram feed feeling way worse than I did when I first began to scroll. The abundance mindset, along with setting social media time limits each day, has completely changed this for me. It also changes how we view each other’s success-are we happy for our officer’s coworker when they get promoted, or are we jealous and bitter? Are we joyful when our fellow blue family member closes on their new home, or do we wish that we, too, could buy a bigger house?

Practicing gratitude and pushing away from the scarcity mindset (basically the opposite of the abundance mindset) embraces the “community over competition” theme that I believe in for our little corner of the Internet. Have you been practicing gratitude lately? How have you seen it shift your views and life?

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