attitude of gratitude in our marriage {free printable}

My favorite part of November is seeing the abundance of gratefulness posts. You know the ones: #thankfulnovember, #30daysofthankfulness. #attitudeofgrattitude…there’s so many, and I love seeing them pop up on my feed.

I’ve always been a fan of “the attitude of gratitude” and starting my day off with the things that I’m grateful for-and not just in November, but all year round. A few weeks ago I created a “gratefulness list” and printed it off for our fridge. My officer and I have been jotting down something about the other person we’re grateful for each morning, and it makes me smile each time I see it (which is often, because I’m a snacker…oops). Not only are we focusing on the things that we’re grateful for, but making it specifically tied to one another has made it easier to cherish the things we do in our marriage.

As a culture and as humans we’re always so quick to focus on the negative. I love this reminder to be intentional about the positive instead. Click below to download a month’s worth of printables for your home!


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