book review: a resiliency journal for first responders

Who remembers how once upon a time I used to do book reviews each month? Welllllll after a *long* hiatus, I’m trying to get back to that! I have a giant stack of amazing books by LEOs and LEOWs to read and share with y’all, and I couldn’t be more excited! In the past few years so many awesome books geared towards a our first responder family have been released, which is so needed!

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Since today is November 1 (how?!) I thought it was the perfect time to climb back aboard the book review train and share a new favorite of mine: A Resiliency Journal for First Responders by Kristen Jauregui. You probably know Kristen from Instagram as Dispatcher Kristen. She also hosts the 911 Strong Podcast along side Aram (@911Strong). She’s a dispatcher and a police wife and has so much knowledge and experience! In the past few months her department has lost several amazing LEOs, and she continues to be a pillar of strength and support for our blue community while remaining real and raw.

Kristen’s book is a four month interactive journal that has spots to reflect and record life as a first responder (or first responder spouse). She includes a spot for gratitude, which y’all know I’m a huge fan of (you can read about my post on the attitude of gratitude here) as well as positivity and ways you want to improve. There’s tips and inspirational quotes throughout, and a section to check in and reflect at the end of each month. The journal is set up with a “beginning your day” and “closing your day” instead of a traditional “morning and night” which makes it very practical for shift workers.

Inside page of the book

Kristen even included one of my favorite quotes! A giant version of this famous Mother Teresa quote hangs in our living room as a reminder that the most important work my officer and I will ever do will be within the four walls of our home.

Cover of the book

You can find Kristen’s book on Amazon here.

“A Resiliency Journal for First Responders”

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