2023 blue gift guide featuring small shops + promo codes {leows}

Ariscents Candle Co. Ari is a fellow LEOW (and former LEO!) who has built the most amazing candle company from the ground up. All of her products are toxic free and smell insanely good. I’ve gotten many different candles and wax melts and have been obsessed with every single scent. My favorites are Kapalua Sunset and Cafecito. We can use code BLUELINE15 to save!

B. Monte Designs. Barb is a fellow LEOW and one of closest IG friends! She’s insanely talented and has painted several custom pieces for our family, including the cover of my devotional! Some of my favorite prints of hers are *obviously* the law enforcement related ones but there’s so many beautiful Cape Cod and New England-esq ones, too!

Joyful Pine. Savannah is a fellow LEOW and has the cutest, most thoughtful kingdom based apparel. Some of her designs are subtle thin blue line designs and others just proclaim the joy of Jesus. I especially love her prayer cards and have gifted them several times! She has an entire first responder and law enforcement line and you can see it all here. We can use code AG15 to save!

Two Hearts One Badge thin line fine jewlery collection. YALL. When I say I jumped up and down about this collection I’m not even kidding! Furnari Jewlers (a family owned fine jewlery shop on the east coast) designed an exclusive line of rings and pendants for our law enforcement and fire families. They are insanely beautiful, made with real gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, and the perfect piece to hold your first responder close. I personally have the white gold and diamonds law enforcement ring and am obsessed with it. We can use code COTE to let them know I sent you and to have a donation made to Tunnels to Towers!

Armed In Style. This has been one of my favorite 2A shops for years! There’s so many cute designs including the absolute coolest gun girl advent calendar! I also am obsessed with the tumblers (think Stanley but make it gun girl). I personally have the “coffee mascara holster” sweatshirt and love it for range days. We can use code AMMO&GRACE to save!

Hopefully Created. Hope is a fellow LEOW and makes the most amazing, sparkly tumblers and pens! She also does badge reels, wristlets, and all kinds of fun stuff! We collabed on a design last year and it’s one of my absolute favorite cups. There’s a lot of cute thin blue line designs (of course) as well as Disney, nursing, holiday, coffee, and more! We can use code “ammoandgrace” to save!

Madi In the USA. Madi is a fellow LEOW whose Etsy shop is full of cute things! She has mugs and sweatshirts and stickers and everything else blue related you can think of. My favorite is the police wife coloring book she came out with earlier this year! Madi said she’ll be having a big Black Friday sale, so stay tuned for major discounts in her shop!

7.11 Studio. Emily is a fellow LEOW who has the cutest “faith love back the blue” design. I have had one of her shirts for years and it’s so cute and soft! I also love her beanies. Her shop is part of Spouse-ly which is an online platform (think something similar to Etsy) for first responder and military families to sell their goods! Psst-if you’re looking to support fellow thin line family members, Spouse-ly is an awesome place to find all kinds of unique goodies. We can use code COTE10 on Emily’s shop to save!

Discrete Thin Blue Line Bracelet. I don’t wear a lot of thin blue line gear out and about, but this bracelet is perfect for showing just a little bit of support! I like to stack bangles like this around my Apple Watch to dress it up a smidge.

Morse Code Bracelet. Earlier this year I teamed up with Victoria, a military spouse, and asked if she could make us a “Got Your 6” bracelet-and she delivered! I love that this bracelet has a secret message on it that support our officers. It’s simple and dainty, and I’ve had mine for months and it’s held up so well! At $15 it’s the perfect stocking stuffer or little gift for a fellow blue sister! This shop is also on Spouse-ly, a great way to support our fellow service and first responder families.

Semi-Custom LEO/LEOW Print. Michelle is a fellow LEOW and super talented graphic design artist! She has all kinds of cute stickers and printables in her Spouse-ly shop, including these cute semi custom prints. If you want it printed and sent make sure to order early, but if you want a digital download by Christmas you can order all the way up to 12/15! Perfect for us last minute folk! We can use code AG25 to save!

Custom Charcuterie Board. Angel is a fellow LEOW who makes the cutest wood products! You might remember her special thin blue line ornament or custom docking station from our Law Enforcement Family Love giveaways earlier this year. Everything in her shop is so unique and fun! I personally love her ornaments and this board the most-because who doesn’t need another cute snack board that doubles as decor?! We can use code IGOTYOUR6 to save!

Police Wife Devotional. My first draft of this post didn’t include my devotional because eeek it just felt a little bit weird…but we’re doing it anyway! ammo+grace: the devotional is my first baby and the basis of this wonderful little blue community! I also released an ebook full of LEOW prayers earlier this year that you can find here.

**This is NOT a sponsored post-I genuinely love these items! The a+g blog does contain affiliate links and share gifted products.**

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