2023 blue gift guide + promo codes {police kiddos}

Wooden Matching Game. I got this cute police matching game earlier this year and it’s so simple and fun! It’s safe for kids and has all types of fun law enforcement designs on the tokens, like a police station, hat, and motorcycle. It’s sold on Spouse-ly, which is a platform for first responder and service family makers!

GoodKind Advent Blocks. I stumbled across this company last year a few days before Christmas and was bummed I didn’t find it earlier! This year I got it in time to begin advent December 1st. This small shop has an amazing advent block set that makes teaching the Christmas story to your kiddos fun and simple. Essentially you get a book as well as numbered blocks (one for each day in December leading up to Christmas) with little designs, a star block, and an earth block. Each night you move the star block down to the next block towards the earth block, reading the story that corresponds with the design. The star represents God coming down to earth! The stories that the blocks correspond to are age appropriate for toddlers and up. The book is not a direct translation of the Bible but paraphrased to be engaging for kids (think some thing similar to a children’s Bible story). You can use this link and then sign up for emails to get a discount code for your first purchase!

The Hero Kit by Endless Imagination by Camille. Camille is a fellow LEOW who creates the most amazing sensory kits and educational tools! She designed The Hero Kit especially for blue families and supporters and it’s absolutely amazing. Our family gifted it for a birthday a couple of summers ago and it was a huge hit! We can use code ammoandgrace10 to save!

Boots by the Door. Fellow LEOWs Michelle and Kristen wrote this sweet children’s book and it’s a staple in our home! It tells the story of blue life for two little boys whose dad is an officer.

Heroes Get Boo-Boos Too. This book is written by a LEOW whose officer was injured on the job, and when it came time explain what happened to their kiddos, she realized there were no good, age appropriate books about the dangers that first responders face. This book explains some of the dangers that first responders and service members face in a sweet but matter of fact and age appropriate way, and the illustrations are awesome!

A Fun Week at the Police Department. This picture book is written by a law enforcement officer for law enforcement families! It’s one of the most detailed police children’s books I’ve read and covers so many different positions and aspects of the job.

Police Kids Books. This sweet law enforcement owned small shop has so many goodies for our little ones! We have their thin blue line swaddle and lovey and they’re absolutely adorable. They also have lots of good picture books, jammies, and clothes!

Police ABCs. Fellow LEOW Barb is an extremely talented artist (she painted to cover of my devotional!) and created these law enforcement ABCs for my nursery! It’s the cutest artwork and would work for a police kiddo of any age, boy or girl!

Rescue Vehicles & Garage. I’m always on the lookout for first responder toys, and this Melissa & Doug set fits the bill!

Police Lego Set. If you have a slightly older kiddo that’s still into cars and law enforcement, this Lego set is perfect!

Take the Wheel Board Book. This simple book follows a LEO’s shift (helping catch a bad guy thief) and lets the kiddo “drive” to help by putting their hands through the slots on either side of the pages. As the story progresses it tells you to steer left or right. A fun way to make story time a little more interactive!

Magnetic Dress Up Kit. We really like the Melissa & Doug toys in our house, since they’re typically wood and last a lot longer than other plastic toys! This cute magnet set let’s you “dress up” several different occupations, including a police officer, fire fighter, pirate, and superhero.

Police Dress Up Set. If your kiddo wants to dress themselves up as a LEO, this cute Melissa & Doug set is perfect for them.

Zzz Bears. These sweet bears are for kiddos who love a hero! This family owned small shop makes law enforcement (including sheriff!), fire and military bears that can be personalized to fit your family.

Posh Peanut Police Jammies. Posh Peanut is a pretty big company and not first responder owned, but they have a law enforcement line which I think is so cool! These pajamas are on the pricier side but are well made and super stretchy-they’ll grow with your kiddo several sizes!

**This is NOT a sponsored post-I genuinely love these items! The a+g blog does contain affiliate links and share gifted products.**

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