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As LEOWs we love to show support for our officers, whether that be on our shirts or around our necks. Depending on how subtle you wish the support to be there are tons of different options. Yall, I had no idea there were so many cute thin blue line items out there. I can easily get lost in the land of Etsy or Pinterest  and find like one thousand items I MUST have. But for the sake of your time and my wallet, here’s a few of my favorite TBL jewelry pieces:

1. TBL bracelet (found here). I love the subtly of this piece and think it would be super cute stacked with a watch or other bracelets. You can also get your officer’s badge number added on the outside or inside. Anytime I can customize is a win in my book!

2. Police badge earrings (found here). There are tons of cute badge earrings out there, but as someone who only wears studs and wants something that easily matches my other jewelry, I find this pair to be perfect. I love that they’re super simple but still show support for our law enforcement. They also come in sheriff stars.

3. TBL necklace (found here). I feel like this is the necklace I picture when I think ‘TBL jewelry’. It’s classic and cute and goes with pretty much anything, and proudly displays your officer’s badge number alongside the thin blue line.

4. Come home to me bracelet (found here). I thought that this was cute and subtle. There no badge number or blue line, but it’s something that rings true to every blue family out there. Like the other bracelet, it would stack nicely with your other arm candy.

5. Expandable charm bracelet (found here). I love the Alex + Ani look of this bracelet, and swooned over the mini handcuffs. I mean really. So cute! This is perfect for those who like bolder/dangly bracelets.

As a side note: these are not affiliate links, just pieces we came across and fell in love with. There are tons of cute necklaces and bracelets out there, and these are just a few ideas we loved. Are there any cute staple pieces we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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