an attitude of gratitude in the month of love [free printables]

Does anyone remember years and years ago when I put up these printables? I created a simple little list to put on our fridge so that my officer and I could quickly jot down something about the other that we were grateful for that week. Some days it was super simple (you packed my lunch) and other days it was a little more detailed (I am so grateful for the way you remain steady and level headed no matter the circumstance).

I love having these little lists in a place that we see often. For us, it’s the fridge (hello, frequent snacking) but it could also be your family’s command center, a bulletin board, your back door, or wherever else makes sense. You could also get your kiddos in on this if they’re old enough! Sometimes the things that their little hearts are grateful for are the most precious of all.

There’s a version with two spots per day (one for you, one for your officer) as well as a version with just one big line, if you want to do it together as a family or even by yourself.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of why gratitude is so important and the impacts it has on the brain (you can read a really great research article by Harvard here) but I encourage you to try a daily gratitude practice out and see how it positively impacts your life.

I named these printables “Grateful February” because what’s better in the month of love than to express your gratitude for your significant other?! But, obviously, they work any and every month of the year.

I’d love to see yalls lists and the things you’re grateful for! Tag me on Instagram @ammondgrace so I can be thankful for you, too!

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