christmas goodie bags for your officers

Okay guys, confession time: one of my self care/stress relief activities is baking. And lately I’ve been feelin’ the stress and therefore feelin’ the sweets. Like, so many sweets. Oops.

So, I will often send goodies with my officer to work because if they’re home I will eat. Them. All.

Christmas is also the perfect time to shower our officers with a little extra appreciation, and what better way to show that than with sugar?! I whipped up these little thin blue line gift tags to tie around the goodie bags. They’re an easy project to make and turn a plate of goodies into a fun little holiday gift. If you’re looking for a bigger gift, check out the officer gift guide I posted last month here.

I bought all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby. You could absolutely just cut your own wood rounds, but it’s cold out and I’m lazy (we’re being honest here, right?)

Everything cost me less than $10-the wood pieces were the most expensive at $4 but you can use a 40% off coupon for those!

I started by painting the inside circle of the wood rounds black. I also left some blank and added just a blue line.

After the black dried I added a blue line. You could tape it off to make perfectly straight lines…but I just winged it.

I also bought some stickers to add badge numbers or names. If you’re like my SIL and have amazing handwriting then you could just use a paint pen to write your own. I wasn’t born with the good handwriting gene, so I’m a sticker fan.

Then just drill a hole in the top!

Lastly I threaded some twine (you could use any ribbon you like) through the hole, tied it to a baggie of goodies, and voila!

I’m planning on making Puppy Chow (seen above), Peppermint Bark, and Fudge to stick inside. Yum! What are some of your favorite Christmas treats?

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