easy diy thin blue line ornaments

Do you remember last year when I made these easy wood gift tag/ornaments (find that post here)? They were so fun to make I decided to take a shot (pun intended) at more thin blue line ornaments this year!

I got most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, and all of their Christmas supplies is half off! That made this project of 10 ornaments less than $15. Glass or plastic filler ornaments are available basically anywhere (you can find them on amazon here). The next step is gathering some ribbon (I got assorted blues and black) and fillers (I used fake snow, bullets, ribbon snippets, and jingle bells).

Next, decide what you want to fill your ornaments with! Disclaimer: ideally you would use bullet casings! I just hadn’t thought to save any the last time we went shooting. This is one craft project I’m sure he can get behind if you tell him “we need to go to the range so I can gather craft supplies” 😉 If that’s not on the agenda any time soon you could use these and snip the ends off.

I filled my ornaments first, then cut my ribbon to fit. My plan was to use my hot glue gun, but after I sat down to make these I realized I was all out of glue! Sigh. I used a glue stick to adhere my ribbon and it worked just fine.

When using two ribbons (to create a “thin blue line”) I glued the ribbons to each other first and then attached them to the ornaments.

Easy peasy! You could also use a marker or stickers to add a badge number or name.

You can play around with different ribbons and designs and change up what you fill the ornaments. Other ideas would be: little police toys, a copy of a document shredded into strips and stuffed inside (like the Miranda rights), sprinkles, or mini donut toys! I personally would suggest using plastic ornaments instead of glass, because I’m all about unbreakable things (especially when filling with metal like bullets/casings).

This little craft was honestly even easier than the wood tags but so cute! It would be easy to do with your kiddos (again, plastic is key) or even a group of LEOWs. If you decide to make these be sure to tag @ammoandgrace so I can check them out and give you a virtual high five.

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