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Last month I shared some of my favorite gifts for LEOWs and LEOs. However, some of them take extra time to order/ship/etc. If you’re more of a procrastinator or simply like being able to place your order all in one place (heeeeey it’s me) I complied some of my favorite blue gifts from Amazon that are all on Prime! Most are under $20 and will come in plenty of time to wrap or stick in their stocking!

Tactical pen. I’ve seen tactical pens like this all over the place, but they’re typically pretty pricey. This one is under $20 and has hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews!


Funny police socks. These would be perfect as a stocking stuffer or a white (or shall we say blue?!) elephant exchange!

Police card and dice set. I thought this gift set was unique! It comes with thin blue line cards and a set of dice, packaged in a nice wooden container. If your officer is into games or poker nights, this would be the perfect gift.


Tactical bag. My officer loves all of his 5.11 things because they hold up well over time! If your officer doesn’t already have a gear bag (or needs a new one) this is a great option. Their tactical backpack is also super awesome (find it here). They’re on the pricier side, but last a long time!


Bullet shot glasses. These 50 cal replicas are a fun gift! You could pair it with you officer’s favorite bottle.


Funny police travel mug. This tumbler cracks me up! I know we’re always needing more to go cups for coffee (especially in the winter) and this would be a perfect one to gift the officer in your life. It also comes in mug form (find it here).


All weather notebooks. I bought these as a stocking stuffer for my officer last year and he loved them! They’re water resistant and small enough to stick in his uniform pocket.


Funny bottle opener. I know I’ve shared this bottle opener several times over the years, but it’s my favorite! We gifted it to my BIL (a corrections officer) years ago. You could pair this with their favorite six pack as an easy and thoughtful gift!


Belt. Anyone else feel like they’re always searching for a belt for their officer? This one is a faction of the price of most tactical/adjustable belts and has hundreds of great reviews. It comes in multiple colors.

Blue line zippo. My officer has quite the collection of Zippos, and I think this blue line flag one is pretty cool!


**prices and prime status accurate at time of post. this is not a sponsored post. the a+g blog may contain affiliate links**

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