8 amazon prime day picks for our blue family

You probably haven’t heard, but today is Amazon Prime Day! (And if you hadn’t already guessed, yes that was heavy on the sarcasm). Like I tell you every year, PLEASE don’t feel like you need to buy anything just because it’s on sale or because everyone else is. This year especially we’ve been working hard to steward our finances well, and I’ve taken many things back out of our Amazon cart that we just don’t need. I like to use these sales to purchase the things I would get anyway, and get an extra percentage off or a gift card back. Below are a handful of the things that our blue family loves and uses.

Amazon Basics-toilet paper, trash bags, baby wipes…all of the things that you need to buy and hate spending money on are on sale! I like to use big sales like Prime Day to get things I would need to get anyway.

iPhone Chargers-is it just me, or are phone chargers like socks in the dryer-they just disappear! We love these longer ones (6 feet) because they reach from your bedside table or coffee table or wherever you’re charging.

Sleep Mask-eeek! THE sleep mask is part of the deals! I shared this mask in my Instagram stories a few months ago and y’all agreed it’s the best. It doesn’t sit directly on your eyelids and blocks out so much light. It’s the only sleep mask my night shift officer will even consider.

Bluetooth Headband-this is another sleep item my officer uses and loves. He likes to fall asleep listening to music and was constantly losing his AirPods or finding headphones uncomfortable. This headband is comfy and lets you listen to music or a show or whatever you want without the lumps! I also like to call him a ninja when he wears it, so there’s that for some added entertainment 😉

Arlo Security Cameras-we have used an Arlo system the past four years at our home, and upgraded to newer cameras the year before last. They’re super easy to use, provide great picture, and are accessible from an app on your phone. Some of the cameras and accessories are on sale for Prime Day.

Lunch Box-if your officer doesn’t already have a good sized, sturdy lunch box, this one is perfect. It needs to be big enough for multiple meals and snacks and keep things cold. We also like having external pockets for drink packets or snacks that don’t need to be chilled.

Coffee-we love Black Riffle Coffee Co! It’s veteran owned and donates portions certain blends to our military and first responders. Coffee is another thing I’m always buying, so I might as well get a good deal on it!

Garmin Watch-this is the exact watch my officer has and loves. I bought it for him for our anniversary two years ago and he says it’s his favorite gift I’ve ever gotten him! He loves to use it at work and when our hunting or hiking. The best part is how long the charge holds. I charge my Apple Watch every night and this thing lasts a week plus!

**this is not a sponsored post-I love these items! The a+g blog may contain affiliate links. All items on Prime Day and on Prime Day at time of post**

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