thank a police officer day [free printables]

Thank A Police Officer Day (TAPO Day) is always observed the 3rd Saturday in September. This year, that falls on next Saturday, September 17th!

Some people go all out for TAPO Day and some don’t acknowledge it at all. I personally think it’s an awesome opportunity to show our LEOs a little extra love and appreciation! Maybe that’s a simple “thank you for what you do” if you pass a cop, maybe it’s gifting some treats or coffee, or maybe it’s using these printables. Whatever you do, I hope you take an extra moment to show support for our officers. A little bit of appreciation goes a long way, especially in the difficult climate they work in these days!

To see last year’s TAPO Day post with more ideas and recipes, click here. It has gift ideas and recipe links, like for my yummy homemade blue line brownies and thin blue line brownie sandwiches.

To download free TAPO Day printables, scroll down.

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