the target of the badge

As we come off of a hard weekend-losing three officers senselessly in the line of duty is just two days-my mind wanders to the badge that my own officer wears on his chest. It, and the rest of his uniform, and his patrol car, and the general job title he carries, is a target to those wishing hate and hurt and death upon him and all of our officers.

When we experience the loss of one of our own (which statistically happens every 2-3 days) it comes like a punch in the gut. It makes us wonder why we let our loved ones put on that target each day. It makes us dream of other “safer” jobs, of a normal 9-5, and having them home on time each day and sitting around our tables during the holidays.

It makes us wish-if even for a moment-that they would take off that badge, so that target could be removed.

But as I think of the targets that are on our officers I also think of the wonderful things that they stand for. That badge? It’s a sign of calm and order in the chaos. Those lights on his patrol car? A beacon of hope that’s racing towards you when you called for help in your lowest and most frightening moment. Those sirens? A sound that you can summon in the push of a button and dial of a number that means a guardian and peacemaker is rushing over to help you with your problem.

Our officers should not be targets. Their badges should not mean war. But as we wade through the sorrow and anger that losing one of our blue family members always brings, let us also remember the GOOD that those badges stand for the the HOPE that those wearing them bring, and the amazing choice thousands of men and women across our country make each day when they continue to choose to pin it on➖💙➖

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