NEW BOOK RELEASE! “the praying police wife”

Eeek! Yall, it’s here! I’ve been working on this little ebook for quite some time now, and am SO excited to say it’s ready! The Praying Police Wife is a collection of 30 prayers specific to police wife life. It’s available exclusively in ebook format here. That means when you purchase it you’ll immediately get a PDF download and get to keep it forever! Save it on your phone, put it on your computer, print it out-whatever you want to do! You also don’t have to wait for a physical book to arrive in the mail-you can just start reading as soon as it downloads!

I set up a promo code for all of my blog followers so you can snag it for barely more than a coffee shop latte. Use code “LEOW” right here!

You can download a little preview of the ebook here if you’d like to peek inside (just click on “preview”). I’m also posting a little glimpse below! All 30 prayers are near and dear to my heart, and I hope that they help fellow police wives feel seen, loved, and closer to God amidst the chaos that blue life can be.

Happy reading, thin blue line fam!

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